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Questions on Pricing

We accept a cash , bank transfer and card payment options. You may choose one of this options on the booking form. In some cases we may ask you to pay £50 deposit by bank transfer to completely reserve the date for you

You need to add a 'Deep cleaning' option if :

  • - Your property has not been cleaned for a long time and requires a deep cleaning
  • - You have a pets
  • - Your property after renovation / redecoration
  • - Your property in poor condition

We do not visit your home for quotation. We have years of experience in the cleaning and all our prices are based on this experience. To check our prices please use our online calculator above.

But please note : Our cleaners, out of fairness, do reserve the right to change a price depending on the condition and size of your property. This only occurs for homes that require a deep cleaning , in Victorian/Georgian/Tenement style , or have an additional bathroom / toilet / reception room and you did not select this options on the booking form. For property in 'hazardous condition' it will be double price from the normal quote. Changes will be discussed before any work has started